After making a reservation online or by calling our Guest Services Manager (715) 543-8111, you can add one of these Ice Fishing Packages to your reservation. Just let us know and we’ll make all the arrangements for you.

Ice fishing is a real treat out of Chippewa Retreat Resort. Our guides are extremely knowledgeable and quite accommodating. These are great packages for the whole family to enjoy and learn a new way of fishing.

All-Inclusive Package:

While having a hearty breakfast on your own our guides are out on the ice already getting set up for the day. Our guides will have two heated fishing tents and a heating cooking shack out on the ice waiting for you when you arrive. They will also have holes opened in the ice for tip-ups with extra holes in the heated tents and nearby the cooking shack for personal jigging.

All our guests do is arrive and start fishing. While fishing, once the hook is set and the fish is out of the water, the guides take over from there. During the morning, the keepers will be gathered in the cooking shack, cleaned and deep-fried with curly fries for a filling shore lunch. Plenty of bread and butter and your choice of beverages will be available as well. The afternoon keepers will be cleaned and prepared for taking fresh fish back home with you.

$300.00 Per Person/Day Minimum of 2 People
+ The Cost of Bait & Fishing License

More Rustic Package:

For those seasoned ice fishermen, instead of the guides doing all the work, maybe you want to get in on the early action using the auger to open the holes throughout the day and setting the tip-ups yourself.  You monitor the tip-ups and bring the caught fish to the cooking shack for cleaning. Shore lunch included with the fish caught in the morning. The afternoon keepers will be cleaned and prepared for taking fresh fish back home with you.

$555.00 for 3 People/Day, $115 Each Additional Person/Day
+ The Cost of Bait & Fishing License

For either package, let us know your beverage preferences and we will have this ready for you to take out on the ice. This service will be added to your villa bill. Or just take whatever beverages you would like with you when you go out to meet the guides, you do not have to order through CRR.